Three Lessons You Can Learn From Irvine Sellar

Posted by admin on December 25, 2015
Irvine Sellar

Irvine Sellar is an investor that some people may not have heard of. Whether you know him or not, there are many things you can learn from him. Here are three valuable lessons to consider as you care building your own path.

Follow Your Passions

Someone as wealthy and revered as Sellar should be happy about the fact that he is a famed investor, but he is not fully satisfied. He got his start as a fashion designer and despite everything he has done in the architectural world, he wishes he would have stayed put in his original industry.

Think Big

When he originally made plans for the Shard Tower, he was not a fan of the building type of all. Even so, he took his love of water and visions of a sail and turned them into building plans. Imagine taking an idea that you are not completely sold on and creating a building that is among the highest towers in Europe as mentioned in .

Strive To Be The Best

There are numerous people who believe that you have to spend money on a fancy education on order to do well in life, but that is not always true. In the case of Sellar, he left school when he was just 16 and helped turn a modest family business into a retail superstar. By the time he sold the business in order to pursue other ventures, there were 90 successful locations.

If you are just getting your feet wet in the business world, you can learn a great deal from Irvine Sellar. Adopting a similar attitude that is based on working hard and being the best can lead to much success for you. This has helped him throughout his life and it can help you as well.

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